Information & What to Know Before Purchasing

Shipping-  I ship every order out within the designated time frame. Processing time/time it takes to prepare packages before shipping is usually 7-10 days and possibly sooner, but exceptions apply. Tracking information is provided with every domestic order, but estimated time of delivery can bee calculated by adding processing time to transit time. Transit time depends on method of delivery selected during checkout. Shipping domestically (within the United States) is generally 1-3 days. International orders (outside of the United States) can take from 1-3 weeks.

Slime Care-
  Slime is a combination of glue and other household ingredients. DO NOT CONSUME SLIME. Subsequently, slime's consistency can easily change due to varying temperatures during shipping. If a slime is too liquid or sticky, follow the borax activator directions included in your package. All orders include a baggy of borax and instructions on how to make the borax activator. If slime is too stiff or not stretchy, massage lotion or warm water into the slime.

  If you believe you may have an allergic reaction to items such as glue, borax, cornstarch, scented oils, or other household items, do not purchase my slime. Slime is recommended for ages 6 and up. DO NOT CONSUME SLIME OR BORAX.

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